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  • 2021

REMASTERED ~ Punished #8 meets Hungry, Hungry Nymphoes #8 ~ I've finally done it! I created my throat-fucking masterpiece. And it only took me running into the girl who got me fired from the best job I ever had (at PA's state sex rehab, see other videos below). Today, Khloe showed up to be Punished and revealed that she was the one who leaked the video that cost me my career. So I proceeded to make her pay. I showed her throat no mercy. Her asshole, no mercy. This is much more extreme and messy than the two videos we made back when she was my patient. To finish things up, I fed her a cum-covered philly cheesesteak. But half of the cum went directly into her mouth and I made her give a beautiful open-mouth swallow before she devoured the steak. That only made her thirsty and I was still angry, so I put her in the shower and gave her something a little more liquidy to wash down the cum-steak with. If you like kink and filth this is definitely the scene for you!

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