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  • 2021

Handcuffed and Throated by Masked Intruder: Fantasy ~ 3rd time's the charm. Yanni is back to do a masturbation scene but she wants us to see what she fantasizes about when she's pleasing her self. So I put her in a bedroom and left while she went to work playing with her pink kitty. Meanwhile in an alternate universe (the kitchen in the next room) her wildest, dirtiest fantasy comes to life. An armed, masked stranger enters and interrupts her domestic routine. He makes her to take his dick out and stroke it; then puts her on her knees and proceeds to stuff her throat full of BBC while she squirms, gags, drools and whimpers. She gets fucked on the kitchen counter and then put back on her knees and handcuffed for more throat throbbing action. They finally end up in the bedroom where both sets of lips are fucked some more. To wrap things up, he shoots a HUGE load of cum into her mouth and all over her face and makes her suck his dick again even though her mouth is full of fresh, warm semen. Then I . . . oops, I mean "the masked man" leaves and I return to find Yanni in the bedroom all by her self, still masturbating and enjoying her fantasy. [Now, she can't act worth a damn, but stuff your dick deep enough down a girl's throat and the scene will instantly become as real as you need it to be! And the Oscar*myer Wiener* goes to.....Yanni Spings]

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