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  • 2021

REMASTERED ~ 20 yr Old Hebrew Israelite Punished for Her Sins ~ This twenty-year-old, 5'10" Amazon hit me up and asked for two things: No deep-throating and she wanted to cover her face while filming because she's a 'Hebrew Israelite.' To the first request, I kindly replied, 'Hell no. Deep-throating is the main thing you'll be doing here.' To the 2nd request, I had no clue what the fuck she was talking about so I did some research on her strange religious beliefs. I figured the other faithful followers wouldn't approve of her doing porn - masked or unmasked. So I decided to do them a favor. First, I covered her face a bit. But then exposed and punished her for her sexual sins. And just like that, a new series was born. (See other "Punished" videos below) The more extreme this scene got, I thought she would tap out and quit. But nope! Just the opposite. The deeper the face-fucking, the harder the gagging, the more turned on she became as she began to squirt while gagging on the dick. This was supposed to be just an oral scene, but after 45 minutes of face-fucking, she kept telling me how wet her pussy was getting until finally, I had no choice but to plunge into it. All the while, she couldn't stop squirting. She finished by taking 11 strooong Blasts of cum (2 to the face and 9 in the throat). I had her keep deep-throating and made her gag on the dick while her mouth was already full of cum. Then she swallowed and used the dick to clean her face off and eat the rest. When she left, I was actually jealous of her boyfriend because, if he can bring himself to watch this, he's now going to demand this from her every night . . . I know I would.

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